catching up

it has been a while dear blogspot.
I have been keeping busy with the usual “little bit of this and that” and lots of wedding planning and sun seeking.

 Discovering these mugs – Esmari got them at Wimpy. Reasons why SA is lekker. I like!

 Finally learned how to play Backgammon. We decided recently that it is definitely not an Afrikaner game since neither myself nor any of my Afrikaans friends knew how to play this. I got Herm to teach me and even started winning after a while!

devoured a whole tub of strawberry ice-cream while reading in the sun one Friday afternoon. The next morning, after watching the Boks dominate Fiji in the RWC I got onto the scale at Zander’s house and realized with a SHOCK that i now weigh more than i have EVER weighed in my life. Since then i have tried to not eat a tub of ice-cream a day…

 searched high and low for a printer in Cape Town who could print on the Growing Paper we wanted to use for the wedding invites (for my sister’s wedding). Eventually Asset Print on Loop Street did it via screen-printing – great service and fast turn around time, thanks guys!
I spent all of Friday writing names on 125 invites. but now it is DONE!

 i know it is officially spring – since my local Squirrel is back eating everything from my cacti to perlemoen shells that friends use as ashtrays. welcome home buddy, missed you!

paged through an 1986 edition of Vogue… and found these delightful images… how about some technology with that  video camera (like Herm said, she has to hold it up with two hands!)

spent braai day on the beach at oudekraal with a veggie potjie, half a lamb, a biiiig bucket of beers, good company, lots of LOLs and the best view you have ever had with your braai…

that is it for now. i think. i thank you.

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