when sadness replace happy moments

Today is a very sad day, at the end of a very sad two months.

On July 12th my friend Aida (who was 7 months pregnant with her first son) and her husband Quintin were on their way to the shops to buy a pram for the son they were excitedly expecting.

When the unexpected changed the course of life forever… in an instant.

A drunk driving police officer (I believe he was off duty, but am unsure of all the facts) took a corner, in a residential area, at inappropriately 140 km/h in the oncoming lane. Where Ida and Quintin were driving unsuspectingly.

Quintin swung the car just in time, the drunkard’s car hit his side of the vehicle and he died instantly. My friend was rushed to the hospital with broken hands, feet, ribs and a miracle child in her womb.

Over the next week my friend was in hospital with only a couple of panado’s every few hours to help her cope with the pain of 7 broken fingers, a sprained ankle and a few cracked ribs. Quintin was buried on the Saturday, Ida sending off the love of her life from a hospital bed. Scythe Raven Greeff was born on the Sunday (July 17th) two months premature.

He passed away on Saturday, after struggling with fluid on the brain for the entirety of his short lived life. Over the last two months my friend went from being a happy expectant mother to a single mother & widow, to a woman who has lost everything.

This morning I received a reminder for the event Quintin organised for all their friends to attend “The birth of Scythe Raven”. Today was supposed to be the happiest day in the lives of a young couple who loved no, adored  each other… Yet I believe today will be the toughest day Ida will have to face yet.

I urge you to count your blessings.
To take nothing, no one and no moment for granted.
To tell those you love so regularly.
And to please not get behind the steering wheel if you have had too much to drink.

RIP Quintin Greeff 1985 – 2011
She loved you with all her heart and will miss you every day! 
RIP Scythe Raven Greeff 17.07.2011 – 10.09.2011 
Now your daddy also gets to hold you – may the two of you watch over mommy for the rest of her miracle life!


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