new old

I woke up this morning with a little present from SARS in the bank. The South African Revenue Service finally paid me back for the dedication with which I shop and spend (beyond my means…?)

So naturally I felt that I deserved a few presents. That and the fact that I needed to go source props for the A+ decor shoot on Wednesday was a sure recipe for shopping.

Now while most girls will head straight for the malls and designers boutiques, I head for the second hand shops. Not because I am cheap like that (I AM, but that’s not the main reason…) I just believe in the beauty of old things, I love character and I LOVE a bargain…

So what did I find today to treat myself to?

 Pretty music note ribbon. LOVE. (Merripak, R8 per meter)
 Literary delight – Treasure Island | Tom Sawyer | 20 leagues under the sea | A tale of 2 cities. 
 A new (old) chair for my desk. 

The Great Themes – photography book with great images like: 

Happy Monday!


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