chocolate, rugby and random pretty things…

another weekend of fun and laughter in the mother city…
highlights include:

finding an organic chocolate factory at The Old Biscuit Mill on Saturday. Not only is the chocolate amazing and cheap (at factory prices) but you can buy cocoa beans and chocolate spoons, organic sugar and truffles all while watching the chocolatiers in action!

and other pretty things like these scrabble signs and build your own cardboard props form Quirky Me – also at the OBM.

a party / braai with old High School friends – under the theme “it used to be cool”… I wore double denim with poloneck and tekkies with my jean pant… all in one. I refused to stop and buy lemonade in town and prayed all the way to the suburbs for my car to not break down:)
there shall be no pictures of this, ever!

and of CAUSE – narrowly winning our first game as defending champions in the Rugby World Cup of 2011. the boys made us nervous and I was on the edge of my seat most of the game (at one stage I was poking at my plate blindly, trying to get some bacon and egg on my fork without looking away from the TV)
most of us spent the rest of the day there and breakfast became cocktails and eventually dinner…

and planking…


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