things I do when I should be working…

 Melktert for breakfast – got a doggy bag at dinner last night and although then I thought I would never eat again, this was even BETTER this morning. Made by Jacques Erasmus of Hemelhuijs fame, it’s the best melktert I’ve ever had (and that’s saying a lot, I am Afrikaans…) 

 Veggies with humus for lunch – in an attempt to feel better about having melktert for breakfast… 
 took a 2nd attempt at newspaper nails… fairly successful… getting better. 
 captured dying Aaron’s lilies (or like my friend Megan calls them – “flowers of death bru, Afrikaans people always have them at funerals…”) 
 captured chaos… amazed my OCD has allowed this to remain on the table for so long… and the dead flowers are still there! (I say as I pat myself on the back…) 
did this, in an attempt to convince myself to believe in myself… 

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