weekend special / special weekend…

What a super relaxed weekend I had. A blessing I tell you – to be able to relax with good friends and just spend some quality time with yourself. I even mopped my entire apartment (something that does NOT happen often) with head phones on dancing with the mop – cleaning is a burdon yet it has the power to make you feel incredibly good about yourself and your home…

Friday night we had a reunion braai with the girls I stayed with in my 2nd year of varsity. There is a lot of power in recalling good times and funny memories… oh how we laughed! 

Stayed over at my lovely friend Nikki’s house on a farm close to Elsenburg outside Stellenbosch. Waking up on the farm with the sounds of real birds, drinking coffee on the porch that overlooks horses and goats roaming in the green fields. Breakfast at the market at Oude Libertas. Doing DIY arts and crafts for her wedding (girls with wires and wire cutters, dangerous!)

Saturday night I had my little sister (Ek het familie wat nie bloed is nie…) over for a feast of vegetarian delight (mashed cauliflower, hello! and the best broccoli of your life with fresh sweet peas from the farm) and we watched some movies – including Shrink, a really good movie and a powerful performance by Kevin Spacey…)

Spent two hours at Beleza on Sunday morning reading the Sunday Times… Had tears in my eyes reading about how the 55 members of the SAPD have died in action this year. My thoughts and respects go out to all members of our national police service and the families of those who have died in the line of duty!

I also bought some acetone when Nikki and I went to the hardware store, so started doing some transfer experiments… 


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