what’s been happening this week

still enjoying my flowers from the city bowl market.
found yummy organic chocolate in stunning packaging at my pharmacy of all place (it must be good for you then!?)
enjoying all the treasures in ‘travelers’ by walter martin and paloma munoz – every page is an adventure. much love to my stunning friend sam for this lovely gift.

visited the swartland (malmesbury, riebeek kasteel and paardeberg) for meetings with the rock stars from the swartland revolution, my favourite clients aa badenhorst family wines and to work with my cousin on their site for their already super successful venture, deliefde.

simple decor in my cousin’s house on the plaas 

driving on the world’s worst gravel road with my shaking fucked up jetta.

visiting my parents and my cat aggie, she is 16 years old and has been my baby since i was in 4th grade.

got back to cape town for a relaxed night at home (by candle light because i had only 3 units of electricity and wanted to wait for today so i can get my september free units – counting my cents…)

while sitting in candle light i got cocky online – my future brother-in-law, paul ‘the terror’ terblanche is fighting his 4th professional mma fight at efc africa in joburg tonight. i was tuning the opponent’s supporters and managers on facebook and twitter. gooooo paul! luckily i don’t have to get in the ring… 


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