Day 3 of 30


Yes let’s start there, cause after yesterday, what was best about today was the sms I received shortly before 7 – Kevin, the photographer I worked with today, had to deal with airport dramas and was on a delayed flights that would postpone the shoot till 12.

I rolled over and slept for another hour.

I met Brigit Kemp (who is married to Justin Kemp, I was all star struck since I am such an undercover sports fanatic) she is an incredible model and a lovely lady – first thing she did was offer me some of the sugar coated doughnuts she was laying into. The models I have met really do not suit the stereo types that society (I almost typed suicide, yoh, deep) love to accuse them of… makes you wonder if “society” isn’t just maybe a little bit jealous of the models…

I got to play more dress up, with more models and more clothes. Very excited to see these pics.

2. Daily Bread

I feel a little guilty that I have once again not tried to reach out to someone in need today. I did however stop to chat to Terrence. Terrence is the car guard who works around the area where I used to work and he is a real stand up guy. Always friendly, always helpful – he washed everyone in the office’s cars on a regular basis, laughed at my jokes about being a rain god because EVERY time after he washed my car it would rain within 24 hours, did odd jobs in the little gardens at the numerous estate agents on upper Kloof street and came to tell you when you had left your lights on – or when you were parked on a yellow line and the metro police were in the area. Well today he waved at me when I was driving past the checkers on Kloof Street. I stopped, we chatted and I made him promised to come wash my car where I stayed now… we need the rain! I also gave him all the coins I had on me… not much but he was grateful.

3. What’s your status?

Riaan Human (this guy will be a regular here, I love his wit)

Don’t promise when you are happy | Don’t reply when you are mad | Don’t decide when you are sad.

4. “Did you lay some track today?”

Yes, I worked with a top class model in Brigit Kemp, styled my first male model (I even did his hair into a mow hawk) dressed 5 models in 12 looks and exceeded my own expectations.

Happy. Tired. Good night.


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