Day 2 of 30

Day two is being documented on Day three. But i will do two posts to make up for it.

Day two was hectic. After I signed off my post for Day one I slammed the laptop shut and curled over into dreamland.

At midnight I was ‘called awake’ with a request to take a friend to the Medi-clinic. Spent an hour on very-uncomfortable-plastic-covered-emergency-room chairs watching some loud music show on sabc 1. I tell you if you are up at that time of night it better not be to watch tv…

So I got about four hours sleep and then spent about 12hours standing around in the sun.

We were shooting on a farm just outside Durbanville.

Went from strolling in the canola fields (I always thought the seeds were from the flowers and was amazed at how many flowers they would need to make one tub of margarine – but on closer inspection i now believe the plant produces pods, about 15 small pea like pods with lots of tiny little seeds.) You really do learn something new every day. (if you care about canola, read more here)

Into a dusty garage with two classic Jaguars. My car fanatic best friend identified the MKII by just seeing the one side, half covered by a sheet. I bet you he didn’t even see the model in there. That boy has a real passion for cars – but not in a petrol head kind of way, more in an industrial designer kind of way.

Into a shed filled with hay, where an old oil covered red tractor was also parked.

Out onto the green grass where cows roam and into the sheep camp.

It is incredibly beautiful out there with the green scenery patched with yellow canola fields and surrounded by blue mountains.

I am excited to see the pictures. I enjoyed playing dress up with an understated farm girl theme… The world is a stage, dress for it!

So last night was a pour-glass-of-red-fall-onto-couch-call-mr-delivery-eat-too-much-hot-bath-sleep kind of evening.

But that is enough of (making) an excuse…



The generosity of strangers – the lady on whose farm we shot made us toasties and continually offered us juice and cookies.

Feeling creative and giving outing to it – there is a certain satisfaction in arriving somewhere with just a suitcase and -bag full of clothes, meeting strangers and then reaching a common vision with them. It’s a team sport, creating a good image.

Tong Lok’s Californian rolls – and sweet and sour pork, and rice, and the second glass of red wine… I was so hungry and so grateful to Mr Delivery (such a nice guy, a real friend in need) I ate way too much, but still had sushi to have for brunch today…

2. Daily bread

There was no time to buy anyone something and I guess I didn’t come across any “charity cases”, but, besides my midnight trip to the hospital, we did take the last 20 minutes of our long, exhausting day to “give a modelling class” – like the photographer put it. The woman who hosted us on the farm has a 12 year old with stars in her eyes. She is tall and skinny (and shame, when I told her that I stopped growing at 12 – meaning I was a 6 foot 12-year-old with size 8 feet – her eyes lit up like she had never met a fellow big footed woman before). We dressed her in a nice floral boobtube from my collection, straightened her unruly fringe, put some make up on her and took a few shots under the trees. I think all she really wants is a few likes on facebook. But it was nice to see her feeling pretty – I sure know all I wanted as an awkward, too tall teenager was to feel pretty.

3. Whats your status?

To be honest I hardly looked at facebook yesterday, and I don’t think it is in the rule of my game to go back and look now (besides – I am too lazy). But i did send my friend – who is currently experiencing heartbreak and worries of the worst kind imaginable – this quote:

Tough times don’t last, tough people do, remember. – Gregory Peck

If she can survive this I can sure as hell overcome the petty difficulties of my life.

And then i want to add category number four. Category number four is new to our line up, but she has been around before. We recall her form our earlier years of keeping a journal and putting pen to paper. We met her first in an article, or novel, or self help book… I cannot remember but if I had to guess I would say it comes from Julia Cameron’s “Letters to a young artist” – for years I quoted that book like a personal bible. (I will try confirm and get back to this…)

The idea is that every day you need to feel like you have laid some track in the road to your future. That you have taken a few steps towards your goal. The question then at the end of the day is:

4. “Did you lay some track today?”

And yes, i think I did. Not only did I open my very own account with Mr Delivery (lol) I also worked with a talented photographer and a lovely model and created some great work for my portfolio.

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