Day 1 of 30

The challange: For the next 30 days I will … for at least an hour every day to make my world a better place. #cape30days

The motivation: Write it down, for an hour every day. Stop procrastinating, you chose this life.

And so i tweeted…

For the next 30 days I will write for at least an hour every day to make my world a better place. #cape30days

To with @capetown replied: in a blog?

In my world and state of mind that was a challenge. The challenge i have been waiting for. The kick i needed to get out of this nest of uncertainty, self doubt and the general slump swamp of my life.

Of cause, that was on Friday, and with plans to go relax on the west coast for the weekend i vowed the old “starting Monday”.

Just like I postponed 6am yoga “till Monday” (although that was LAST Monday and I still haven’t been… procrastination sure as hell is a bitch, and she has me by the balls – so to speak)

And while i doubt this maiden Monday night post will be an hour long, it is a start, and my chest swells with pride (under my blanket, with the laptop on top of it)

So, what could i possibly write for an hour every day… since I am not really into fiction, i don’t create stories and i don’t tell tales? I am a factual writer, a portrayer of facts, stats, quotes and real life scenarios…

Well, i do want to stick to a few guidelines:

1. WWGAT – or What Was Good About Today… an institution in my earlier journals. A reminder to look on the bright side, to remember the things that made me smile, and to forget the things that didn’t.

2. Daily bread – a daily act of charity or generosity, or just general good karma and positive vibes. Where i live (right next to ‘the party engen’ a Cape Town institution, a 24 hour oasis of convenience with take away food, woollies ready to eat meals, every potato chip and soft drink and chocolate and ice cream and magazine you can think of) there are a lot of contrasts. While some can pull in any time of night and fill their cars and their tummies, others stand on the corners and outskirts begging for some left overs or a bite to eat. You don’t always see them as you park beyond the edges of darkness, but I walk past them every time. And i want to try GIVE more…

3. best facebook status of the day – some of my friends are too witty to be ignored or forgotten.

And so, 15 minutes into this post I want to leave it at that… food for my own thought and hopefully something in there for someone else.

Because, even though i am doing this for my own personal reasons and outlet – if I could inspire only one other person to chase their goals / look on the bright side / do some good, my life would be worth a little more.

And with that i will climb deeper under the covers and asses what I have to be grateful for.


Free tickets to Dirt at the Baxter, more on that to come.

Wine and girly chat with Deb.

Woolies chocolate brownies.

2. Daily Bread:

A garlic and herb speciality roll for the guy with the dirty white t-shirt. He said “thank you very much lady”

3. Facebook status:

Greta du Toit: What if you woke up this morning with only what you said grace for last night…



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