Tips for wearing HIGH WAISTS

A few tips for wearing high waisted pants.

I am lucky, I am 6’ tall (and although I didn’t think I was so lucky when I was 12 and 6’, I am grateful now) yet even I feel strange wearing a stunning pair of high waisted pants without high heels, so, how do you wear this high fashion item correctly!?

Rule 1

High-waisted pants are usually wide-legged. Create balance by wearing an embellished or bold-coloured blouse. If, however the pants are in a high fashion colour like in this picture, keep the top simple (like this, white but with nice texture).You can add some accessories around your neck to break the lines a bit.

Rule 2

If you’re under 5 feet 4, these pants can make your upper body look even shorter. To avoid this, show some skin in a scoop V-neck. Exposing your neck will lengthen your torso.

Rule 3

If you’re a little thicker in the middle, create the illusion of a cinched waist with a narrow belt and a one-button blazer!

Rule 4

Avoid creating too many lines – do not wear a short cropped jacket with this look, rather wear a jacket that covers the line where pants meet top.

Tip 5

Make sure you don’t shoe unsightly underwear lines – the pants will make your backside look longer – this is elegant and sexy, unless it is spoiled by panty lines…

Also available in skirts:)

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