The Tourist Shoot of Cape Town

Last week, on a cold grey day (in the afternoon after I shot at Rhodes Memorial with Photofuzion) I picked up American photographer Rob (just call me) Smith and British model Ysra Daley-Ward and we embarked on a dress-in-the-car-park-shoot-go mission of Cape Town.

I felt like a tour guide as I drove around town taking them to spots that I thought would fit with various outfits.

Here is our journey:

1. Bright in Bo-Kaap



2. Military moments / movement

In a muddy parking lot with a Faith 47 piece on a wall of a broken down house, while the security gaurd helped some guy change a flat on his golf and a bergie looked on…

And across the road into the Company Gardens…

4. stationary at the station

We actually drove up to signal hill, but the mountain was hiding behind a grey mass, the ocean was consumed by grey mist and it started to rain… So we drove down to try find somewhere under cover… welcome to Cape Town Station!

People were VERY interested in what she was wearing, and I guess we accomplished what I wanted “to let her stand out amongst a crowd of moving people”

4. Sunset sea (point) side

And then we ran to Sea Point as we ran out of time. Sunset shots

Welcome to Cape Town – Cape Town welcomes YOU!





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