I have too much to wear…

Right now I am prepping for FIVE shoots and a vintage sale – all happening in the next 5 days…

There are clothes everywhere in my house as I try to keep the looks and items separated…

Here’s the deal:

Tonight, from 5 – 7 pm we are selling some really cool, revamped vintage and retro items at the Clothing Sale at Beleza Restuarant. Click the link to see the facebook event and be sure to pop in for some free cocktails, the best cupcakes in town and one of a kind bargains starting from R20! (yes, 20 bokke!)

Tomorrow morning I am working with Amy Scott again as we attempt some in studio under water effect… You have to see this… (Amy was the photographer on the ‘newsflash’ concept I recently posted the pics from)

Saturday I am shooting a “vintage retro” shoot with a new photographer at a house in the southern suburbs somewhere (thank the Lord for google maps)

Sunday I am shooting a “like cool concept and shit” shoot with one of my new favourite photographers Vivian de Waal, “somewhere” (I love these in depth briefs:)

Monday I get to breath, eat, clean my house and hang up some clothes…

Tuesday morning I am shooting with Lesley Marks in the stunning autumn streets of Rondebosch before I switch it up to spend the afternoon with American photographer “just call me” Smith as we attempt to capture the diverse contrast of Cape Town (or as he put it in his last mail to me – “Americans are global idiots some times and they think Africa is what the media shows us….when its not. I want to educate as much as I want to display our art.”)

Needless to say, all of this has me super excited – and my house super disorganised, the OCD Helena in me is freaking out, but the Creative Helena is having a blast!

Hope to

a. see you at Beleza later

b. show you some rad images soon!

Now, I need to get out of my PJs and into something to take on this day! 


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