Street. An Exhibition

So when I finished my canvas for the Street Exhibition I decided that I didn’t really want to sell it, but I should try… so I priced it at R300 (which I think is a lot for a small 15×15 cm amateur artwork) but then SOMEONE BOUGHT IT…

I received a mail yesterday that someone had bought my artwork and the R300 would be paid to me by Saturday… I was amazed and a little flattered (although sad that I would not be able to bring it home, to the street it belongs on…)
So today after brunch at Newport Deli in Granger Bay Megan and I went to go look at the exhibition. I must say I expected there to be MORE art, but what I saw really impressed me.
Here are a few highlights:
1. Harrington Street by Anthony Lee Martin (I have a dream that one day…)
I liked this since it reminded me of the Candy Chang “Before I die…” project I blogged about a few months ago. Martin went around town with blackboard signs where people could publicly proclaim their dreams. He made it into books and made big prints of some with cards that visitors could fill in and add to the installation.
2. Pepper Street by Cyrelda Victor
A cartoon style collection of the sights of Pepper Street.

3. Myrtle Street by Jac Hamman
I know Jac, and I know how many carguards compete for your R2 on Myrtle Street, and I like his style!
4. Burnside Road by Keri Muller
I like what she did, and I like Burnside Road (it’s where Beleza is!)

Here are some views of my own canvas. SOLD!
Street is on show till tomorrow night at 22.00.
St Stephens back hall (above &Union), Riebeeck Square

Bree Street, Cape Town


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