A week without blogger…

Ok, so I know I am not the world’s most regular blogger… And it’s not like I have a huge following and fans waiting for an update, but I do need to blog to stay sane, and for the last WEEK blogger has been giving me issues. First the server was down for 2 days, then I could not log out of my one account into another (I manage 5 blogs, for myself and clients)…
And, as life would have it, it has been a jam packed week full of things I wanted to write and blog and post about…
So here we go, what did I do in the last week…
We started (and finished) filming the pilot lookbook for Lembrancas Vintage clothing shop. The idea is to pitch similar lookbook videos to local brands and designers, and as a pilot / portfolio piece we got all our friends and contact lists together and shot for 16 hours (to make a 3min video!)
Watch this space for the final product, coming soon!

On Saturday afternoon I took a trip to Kalk Bay with the girls, we shopped for vintage finds, ate ice cream in the cold and had a glass of wine (Paradyskloof Cab Sauv Merlot – keep it in the family) at Polana.

These lil birdies loved the sweet water at the China Shop (a whole HOUSE filled in every hook and corner with china. cups, plates, pots, saucers… china for Africa…)
On Sunday we woke up to a misty grey city and I decided that it called for pancakes. By the time we got to the late afternoon pancake mission it was clear skies with only a slight remembrance of the morning’s grey weather in the chill in the air. But I baked non the less.
Flapjacks, banana flapjacks, nutella flapjacks… you name it, I baked it. Good Sunday!
On Monday (after a few meetings and a bit of thrifting) I spent the afternoon sowing with sussie. I have the machine but I am absolutely USELESS with it, so sussie does the sowing and I do “assistant seamstress” jobs (like making tea, cutting off sleeves and taking out stiches that went off the beaten trail…) We are making alterations to items that will be on sale at the Treasure hunting is fun sale at Beleza on 26 May 2011~
Yesterday I voted, I did it for Cape Town…
and afterwards went to a studio in Newlands to style a very cool shoot with photographer Amy Scott and Roxy Joubert from Grace Models. Here are some behind the scenes images, the real ones (which I am super excited to see) will follow sooooon!
And there you have it… Another week gone by…
I also sold my canvas at the Street Exhibition and saw some cool artworks there, but that deserves a whole new post…

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