I AM Lady Rugga

So, the cat is out of the bag… I would love nothing more than to be crowned SuperSport’s Lady Rugga. I have been a passionate, loyal, obsessed rugby fan ever since my dad took me to Newlands for the first time as a young girl – WP played the Sharks and James Small was still on the wing…

For me it has always been about the way the game can unify this otherwise diverse and split country. I remember it like yesterday, it was a clear, crisp Saturday in June of 1995 when Nelson Mandela handed the William Webb Ellis trophy to Francois Pienaar. They were wearing matching green and gold number 6 Springbok jerseys. As the two men raised their arms in victory one country celebrated with one team.

That night we had to take my sister to a bus stop in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town and I will never forget the sight of people dancing in the streets, celebrating and singing Leon Schuster songs and Nkosi Sikelela. The unity and togetherness I experienced that night as a 10 year old girl cemented a life long love affair with the game of rugby.

This year SuperSport has finally realised that I am not alone and that there are many more ladies and girls who are just as passionate about the game as their brothers, boyfriends, fathers and male friends.

My male friends will tell you that I am usually the one making the plans for match day, forcing them to buy tickets, get dressed up, find a venue to watch or just organising to get everyone together in front of a TV.

So, on Saturday 16 April (the day before my birthday) I got out of bed bright and early and stood in a queue at Newlands (in high heels) for 9 hours to realise a life long dream.

In the end it was worth it as I got a YES from the judges and walked away with a huge amount of pride and joy in my heart. Almost the same feeling you get when you leave Newlands after a WP win over the Bulls or a Springbok Tri Nations win… Except the streets were deserted and I had to celebrate on my own.

So, in the end 156 ladies all over the country got the YES word from the judges. We will now be narrowed down to 50 (announcement on on Sat. May 14 on the Super Wrap show on SuperSport 1 at 9pm) Thereafter only 12 will be invited to take part in a live, reality type show to determine the winner, who will join the Boks and SuperSport at the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand!!


So, PLEASE go check out my audition video (made up on the spot with 5 cameras in my face) on SuperSport Website or the Lady Rugga Facebook page and go tell the world how I am awesome, passionate and perfect for this job… ;)

to all of those who have already done so (friends, family and strangers) I salute you, you are really making my day, no week, no year… no, LIFE… x

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