long time no blog…

Been a while. In fact the last post feels like a dream, just before the birthday I pledged to be a good person… all that came from that was

1. feeding pigeons in De Waal Park as boyfriend and I enjoyed Vida and Knead breakfast rolls while watching kids and dogs play…

2. giving the car guard at Garden Centre an extra big ‘tip’ and a cupcake.

3. feeding all the friends who made it to the braai with a LOVELY veggie potjie and cupcakes (supplied by clever girlfriends)

So I failed. But I had a lovely day…

Since then,

1. I went home to visit my parents. My dad (in his pre-60 depression) has started to make recyclable toys for kids. It started with an obsession of not throwing ANYTHING away and my mother’s deep involvement with our local creche (she has taught there for 22 years, and almost every kid – now grown up – in our little town knows my mom). Together they now ‘design’ sturdy toys made form 100% recycled parts (except the bolds and screws etc).

2. I spent a day road tripping the Swartland with wine.co.za journalist Dusan Jelic. I slept on Kalmoesfontein with my cousin as we are still very busy planning a wedding. So our road trip started there with assistant wine maker Jasper Wickens, moved on to a visit to Eben Sadie and an interesting drive to the top of the Porseleinberg to chat to Callie Louw. (follow the links for my pictures)

After that we had lunch at the ever popular Bar Bar Black Sheep, enjoyed a tasting in the Mullineux Cellar and a long interesting cellar tour at Lammershoek. 12 hours of wine tasting. Good day!

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