Weekends are hard to plan. Especially since I have such a diverse group of friends. Girls going out to lovely dinners at pretty restaurants and hosts beautiful brunches, guys who want to see international Hip Hop acts, home cooked dinners vs outdoor braais… the list continues.

That might also be why I am having such a hard time planning a birthday party. How do you keep everyone happy..? But I guess on your birthday it is more important to keep YOURSELF happy…
Anyway. that is weekend coming’s problem. this is what we did weekend past…
On Friday eve I had a very successful meeting over a drink at Beleza – the locations, range and concept for our first look-book video has taken shape! Watch this space.
After this boyfriend and I had KFC – yes KFC, first time since one drunk night during Soccer World Cup 2010 – we even had it right there, in one of the red booth, from the paper packaging. Cause we’re classy and romantic like that… We were on our way to the gallery for him to paint – so time was limited and the hunger wasn’t… (kak excuse, I KNOW)
Saturday we took it easy with a late start into brunch and grocery shopping at Gardens Center, some more painting at the gallery followed by late lunch and cocktails at Neighbourhood.
We then took a pointless stroll down / up Long Street and ran into DJ Raiko outside Waiting Room. He invited us in for a drink and we walked into the meet and greet event for Ras Kass, international Hip Hop star. Boyfriend still hasn’t stopped smiling / talking about the fact that he got a DOUBLE CD, SIGNED by the artist for R50!
That eve we went back to Octane Gallery for the last time so boyfriend could finish his painting “live” at the opening. Our friend Rico made a ‘Guest appearance’ (he came with and he could not resist picking up a paint brush) and helped put the final touches to the work of art!
Rico and herm hard at work
The final work of art!
Sunday we took it easy. Spent the morning sipping coffee and eating banana loaf while watching half a season of Modern Family, got dressed and went for a late lunch at D’angelos Deer drive, Vredehoek (great pizza) on our way to dinner at a friend’s house (best home made lasagna EVER!).
and then it was Monday. Happy week everyone!

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