Famous writers and their typers

I love typewriters. Whether it’s my “old soul” and my love for vintage, the type font, that sound it makes or the fact that you have to think and type carefully otherwise you mess it up… I am not too sure, but I love them.

I have one in my house (sadly it does not work, if you know of anyone in Cape Town that could fix it, let me know, PLEASE)

So that is why I was so delighted to find these pictures of famous writers with their beloved typewriters on Flavorwire. I selected the ones I loved (either because of author or picture being totally awesome) but there are loads more to check out. Click HERE.
George Orwell
Alfred Hitchcock
Marlyn Brando (i know he is not known as a writer but this image is toooo cool:)
William Faulkner

and Dylan who needs no introduction!

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