what has inspired me this week… 2nd edition

Wow, it’s Thursday again…

Time flies when you are…
  • …working hard – been bunked down behind the PC all week, I see no humans until after 5 most days.
  • …getting older this month – 10 days till my 26th birthday. I am getting that anxious feeling where I start questioning everything in my life. Is this where I wanted to be when I was 26? and then I found a school portrait of me aged about 7 or 8 yesterday and I just stared into my little eyes, trying to remember what it felt like…
  • …making plans – planning a lookbook video shoot, a Swartland Revolution Roadtrip, some ideas I want to pitch to magazines, my sister’s wedding and lots more. Looking ahead you easily forget about NOW, and next thing you know, well
it’s Thursday again, so I will try remember what inspired me this week…
1. Lanvin for H&M Promo 2011
Love it love it love it. We are going to start doing something similar for local brands so watch this space.
But the production, the georgeous dresses, the colours, the setting – everything about this video is inspiring! Look! enjoy!
2. Vogele Shoes advertising
A merge between illustration and photography work. Clever!

3. My Grandma
86 years old, she still lives on her own, does her own shopping, carries it up to her 2nd floor apartment, prepares her own meals and does more for her community than most 30 year olds I know.
Last time I visited her she was busy knitting and making 100s of little dolls (all with custom outfits) for traumatised kids. These dolls, small enough so they can be held in one hand and fit in a child’s pocket are distributed to kids who’s parents get arrested, or who gets taken into foster care.

When I go home next week I want to go spend some time with this amazing woman (I hate seeing her alone – my Grandpa passed away in Jan 2009 and after 60 years of marriage it is hard for her on her own) and get her to teach me to knit and sew!
4. Ideas Magazine
Been looking through their website all week and absolutely love the easy DIY tips and trends. I have a few things I might want to share with them…

5. The boyfriend
Herm has been doing illustrations all week and tonight we will go paint the walls at Octane Gallery (well he will paint, I will take Indian food and red wine and sit there and watch him…). Octane opens on Saturday night and Herm will be doing a live painting on the night.
Come pop in!
63 Shortmarket Street
Opening Saturday 9 April at 19h00.

6. Foster the People – Helena Beat

Yes, a beat for ME, a song with my name in it… But I did blog about this in my excitement so see the post and watch the video here.
and that is it for this week. I did page through a few awesome copies of Frankie / Elle Decor and British Vogue as well but nothing to show here so this will have to suffice.
Hope something has tickled your fancy…

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