DIY tips for YOU – reinvent doilies!

I just realized I never posted the final stories from my little stint with YOU/Huisgenoot magazine last year. I did two craft stories and I am sure (touch wood) it is safe to show it by now.

The first was on doilies, reinventing the old favourite in todays day and age;)
I did do a post while I was prepping, you can have a look here.
So, this is what I did in the end: (published in the September 23rd issue of You and Huisgenoot)
1. Easy to make vase
Kids can easily make a vase more special for mom by adding a doily and a picture or note.

2. Add a personal touch to gift bags and presents

Add flair to giftwrapping by using spraypaint over doily stencils / gluing colourful doilies on plain wrapping paper or using doilies as cupcake holders.

3. Wall clock
You can buy clock mechanics and hands from most arts and craft shops.
– Stencil a doily pattern or glue a paper doily to a painter’s canvas (painted in the colour of your choice).
– Make a small hole in the exact center of the canvas and connect the hands!
4. Baskets
Soak a crocheted doily in liquid starch, wring out the excess and place the doily over an upside-down glass bowl (covered in wax paper). Allow to dry for a day or two.

5. Wall decorations
String together doily halves or attach them to a length of ribbon to make a sash or bunting. You can also make angels or flowers from the doilies. For angels – also great for xmas trees
– cut doilies in half
– use one half as wings and fold other half into a cone for the body
– add a pretty button for its head.
6. Cosy cushions
Customise a scatter cushion by hand stitching a crocheted doily onto it.

7. Stencil

Use a doily as a stencil and turn your canvas shopping bag into something unique.
– stick the paper doily in place with double sided tape or adhesive spray
– gently paint over the stencil with fabric paint
– leave paint to dry and peel off paper
– you can also add buttons or badges to your design
and there you go! a few ideas to use doilies in the modern home:)

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