what has inspired me this week…

I want to start a new feature here, even if it is just for myself, of weekly inspirations… I have a folder on my pc called “inspiration is everywhere” and in there are folders from as far back as 2007… but what good is inspiration if it is filed away somewhere?

so here is the first, “what inspired me this week” post…

1. finding the work of Vivian Maider. I have blogged about this so I won’t go on about it. read the post here.

2. Steve Meisel – fashion photographer / genius. I had a meeting with European (still not sure where he is from) photographer Graham Mitchell yesterday who showed me Meisel’s State-of-Emergency series, and I absolutely love it.

Click through for the rest of the images, well worth it.

3. Barbara Wildenboer’s exhibition “Library of the Infinitesimally small and Unimaginably Large” at the Erdmann Contemporary at 63 Shortmarket Street. I blogged about it before too, so click here for more.

From his quirky silly illustrations that popped up randomly during the presentation to the super cool completely-out-of-the-box ad campaigns (including “outfits” made for everyday things on the streets of Cape Town to raise awareness for prop house Mardi Gras / Sharks protesting in the harbour against shark attacks and numerous kiff YDE campaigns) his ideas opened my mind to so many new and fresh possibilities. He was also responsible for the completely random signs (for Horse Meat / Witch / Pardons / secret clubs etc) that popped up all over Cape Town earlier this year.

5. Inspirational Street art by Candy Chang
Candy Chang is a public installation artist, designer, urban planner, and co-founder of Civic Center who likes to make cities more comfortable for people.”
Her “Before-I-Die” and “I-wish-this-was-a…” campaigns has me all fired up to start doing my own inspirational street art.

6. Mariel Clayton – Doll Photography with a subversive sense of humor. Found this thanks to the very cool Coolhunter newsletter. Have a look at more fun here.

is that table mountain outside? is she in the waterfront? :)

Assisted Shelly on a shoot for Media 24’s Tuis / Home Magazine yesterday, and she is a really great stylist. We transformed a garage (where guys were grinding doors in the one corner) into two different beautiful living spaces in a few hours, all with props crammed into her car… One day I will get jobs like that:)

8. The return of my dear friend Megan. What started as a forced friendship (we were the only two Cape Town girls on training in Joburg together when we started to work for The Platinum Group years ago) has developed into an amazing bond. I love this girl – few people can give me such to the point advice – and having her back in town after almost two years in Knysna is a blessing!

ok, 8 is an odd number, but I am going to leave it there for now since inspiration shouldn’t be forced…

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my-one-and-only-amazing-super-awesome-love-him-to-death brother! all of 23 today. He is the calmest, coolest person I know and I have never met anyone who does not like him! love you boeta!!! xxx


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