In-Your-Space III ~Thaya~

Thaya Bedford lives at the end of a long scenic drive to Simonstown… We headed there for the shoot with no idea of what to expect (usually we make a visit before the shoot to scout out the place– but like Mareli said, ‘who has time or petrol to drive to Simonstown twice at the end of the month…’) We did however have a few pics and directions that ended with “My house is the red brick one with a farm gate and massive tree.” And that sounded good enough for us…

Indeed, what Thaya calls The Beatnik House is a lovely house on a little hill with rocks and fynbos in the backyard and Baboons as neighbours…

Thaya a freelance copywriter for (“I get paid to camp”) and also the brain (and personality) behind Beatnik Bazaar – an online shop for all things fun, creative and quirky… “Quality handmade goods, designed locally by the best South African designers”.

Her house is cosy and we had lots of fun playing around with the porcelain swan collection, cute tea pots and cups, vintage bike, pretty pictures and inspiring books that makes up her personal style!

The upstairs bedroom under the thatched roof provided lots of space for us to finally get that wide shot (yay!) and I had a ball styling some of the shop stock, lots of patterns, buttons and half finished creations…

Fynbos hills outside!

The Wide Shot!

The Swans (there are MANY more…)

Thaya spoiled us to teatime scones and strawberries and told us all about her new venture… Soon her and close mates Lauren Fowler, Gene Kierman, Jef Jones and a local ceramist will open a shop / studio on Palmer Road in Muizenberg. Palmer Road is already home to local designers Skermunkil and promises to soon be the road to all things cool in the southern suburbs! The tenants already plan bike rides to work, outings to local bakeries for morning pastries and coffee and super cool things to sell and make… Sounds like my dream come true!!!

Beatnik Bazaar:

Shop soon at 32 Palmer Road, Muizenberg
This has been another edition of In-Your-Space, styled by Helena Sheridan and photographed by the amazing Mareli Esterhuizen!

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