Interesting new blogs and talent!

As you might know, helping small businesses / young creatives set up blogs or an online presence for themselves is not only one of my passions, but it is kind of what I do

So, here are two new blogs and pages to keep an eye on:

1. For Anke Appelgryn, Cape Town based designer who we featured on In-Your-Space earlier this year I have set up a blog to showcase her ceramics and other artwork as she gets ready to show some products at the Design Indaba later this month.
2. For Elle Fashion Director Chris Viljoen I helped start up an Afrikaans Fashion blog called Die Rok as well as a Facebook Fan Page, if fashion is your thing, take a look – even if you dont understand Afrikaans (use Google Chrome as a browser and they will translate everything for you!)
Also in the pipeline is a new blog for creative genius and boyfriend The Blaksmith… and my favourite tattoo artist and good friend Rico Swanepoel, WATCH THIS SPACE, coming sooooon!

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