In Your Space II ~Anke~

Anke Appelgryn is a young Cape Town designer who has been involved in the creative conceptualization of Woolworths’ seasonal window displays for the past three years. Anke is a qualified graphic designer with a flair for more than just graphic design. She refuses to just design on screen. She creates.

In 2010 she teamed up with a Bredasdorp ceramist, Martin Swart to experiment by transferring her designs onto ceramics. She will launch this super inspiring range at the upcoming Design Indaba in Cape Town this February.

“Reading inspirational books (especially books by American writer SARK) and keeping a journal is something that I’ve always done. Whenever I had access to pen and paper art followed. I’ve always loved my fine liner and when I started to combine this with watercolours the unique technique became my style.” says Anke.

Her house is a lovely space below a mosaic covered mansion in Oranjezicht, Cape Town. Fresh Woolies flowers, notes and doodles with general words of wisdom, of positive thinking, and the message of finding yourself and always believing in love dominates the space. In the garden she grows little plants in tin cans, in the bedroom she adds light to love with fairy lights and in the kitchen a black board calls out a different inspiring message ever so often.

That message is to love life, to love you, to be loved. Accept, let go and evolve!

The style is childish doodling, incorporated with inspiring words of wisdom. It’s like a sneak peek into a journal and her house reveals the same…

It inspires to aspire; it threatens to make you think…

It has the ability to make you long for something.

It could bring a tear or a smile, depending on the thought shared.

Photos: Mareli Esterhuizen

Styling: Helena Sheridan

More on this project here.

Anke can be contacted at:


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