going to the country, eat a lot of meat…

Boyfriend and I packed our bags (and laundry, we were stopping at my parents’ house after all…) and headed into the heat of hell (Malmesbury) yesterday.

The objection was multi-fold –
  • I had to go to the dentist (the same one I’ve been going to for most of my bad-toothed life);
  • we were going to see what we could “discover” in my parents’ attic to use for set building for our new animation adventure;
  • free laundry
  • and we had been invited to attend the “thank you dinner” at Riebeek Kasteel’s amazing Bar Bar Black Sheep (this definitely was the highlight and main objective)…
We arrived on Kalmoesfontein (and headed straight for the pool) with some time to take a sneak peak into the cellar where the team is hard at work harvesting.

With the most of the heat gone we headed to Riebeek Kasteel for the feast. Mynhardt and the team had outdone themselves and it seemed the whole Swartland was there. Makeshift tables and chairs filled Short Street with chinese lanterns providing soft light while the pig turned on the spit.
Everyone brought their own wine (happy to be Adi Badenhorst’s guest) cutlery, crockery, salads etc… And Bar Bar had a pig on the spit, a lamb in the pot, an amazing Mediterranean veggie bake and some Portuguese tripe stew going…
Since we were late to arrive and there were no more tables or seats available, boyfriend quickly constructed us a table with crates and a pallet, and hay barrels for seats.
I must admit it was the best meal I have ever had on a paper plate, and drinking some of the best wines in the country from paper cups made it all the more special.
Waking up on the farm in the Paardeberg is always special and today was no exception (except, hehe, that it was already sweatingly hot by 8am…)
Some pics from the farm. Hope to go back soon!


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