In Your Space – introduction and 1st edition~

In Your Space is my latest decor venture, a collaboration with awesome local photographer Mareli Esterhuizen (to look at her amazing work on her site, click here).

The idea behind the project is to showcase the interiors of various creative / inspiring individuals. We want to style and photograph interesting work and living spaces, with the focus on personal style and the beauty in the details… An informal portrait of the individual interacting with their space will conclude the session.

To kick off the project we “started at home” and got together at my flat on December 16th (the unofficial start to SA summer holidays).

With my passion for styling and “making things look pretty” and Mareli’s amazing eye for a good shot and precise detail, we tried to get a few interesting shots of my living space.

My personal style is very much vintage – I am an old soul – and my furniture, bric n brac and other household items echoes this. I also tend to “colour block” a trend I learned while merchandising endless items of clothing in retail stores…

Other themes in my house is the clutter factor (less is definitely NOT more) that you can find in everything from the overcrowded bulletin boards, to the obsessive sunglass collection and the bright display of notes and post-its that keeps me inspired at my desk…

We hope to feature lots of interesting people and places in 2011, and if you are interested and will not mind me scratching through your stuff, rearranging things and would love a stunning portrait by Mareli… let me know.

You can email me on or call
For more of Mareli’s work have a look at
or to take one of her amazing photography classes in Cape Town go to

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