Sneak Peak at the Swartland Revolution…

Excitement is in the air as the Ogier wines arrived in Riebeek today. We might have to wait another three weeks to meet the man and TASTE the wines, but it is surely an indication that the Swartland Revolution is in motion and the time is drawing closer.

Eight of Stephane Ogier’s wines will be tasted during his seminar on Friday 12 November.
They are:
1. Saint Joseph Blanc 2008 (100% Marsanne)
2. Condrieu “La combe de Malleval” 2009 (100% Viognier)
3. L’Ame Sœur 2007 (100% Syrah)
4. Côte-Rôtie 2007 (100% Syrah)
5. Côte-Rôtie “Lancement” 2007 (100% Syrah)
6. Côte-Rôtie “Belle Hélène” 2007 (100% Syrah)
7. Côte-Rôtie 1999
8. Roussanne 2005

I also received the menu for the Friday night BBQ by celeb chef Reuben Riffel and this is where I get REALLY excited… a sneak peak perhaps? ok, just a little one…

Roasted & marinated tomatoes, olives, artichokes, capers & herbs
Fragrant turmeric potato salad
Fresh garden salad with croutons, bacon and grated cheese
Chickpea, peppers, feta, cumin and mint salad
Seafood salad, marinara mix with fennel and herb vinaigrette
and more…

Braai concept:
Chicken kebabs-peri peri flavoured
Lamb kebabs
Pork belly pre cooked and portioned
Beef sirloin and beef burgers (patties) (free range)

Corn on the cob
Potatoes in the skin
Grill/roasted vegetables (aubergine/peppers/onion/baby marrow)

and, wait for it… Malva pudding!!

now i can’t WAIT for 12 November… What will you be having? hehe


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