everyone i know at one market?

Cape Town is a small place, and depending on which ‘scene’ or ‘crowd’ you hang out in, you probably see the same face more often than not. I used to see people at Shack on a Friday night, then queue behind them at the woolies engen waiting for a pie at 4am, and then Susie and I would serve them babbelas breakfast at beleza the next day…

The scenarios and places, even the faces change, but the concept remains the same, and that is what amazing Marcii used to start the You, Me and Everyone we know Market.
Last Saturday was the first installment of summer 2010, and we had a little stall with ourvintage items in the shady corner.

Great concept, great people (of whom i knew quite a few), good food and good stuff in general.
Make sure you, and everyone you know, come spot me at the next one (25 Sept, at the labia theater in town)

I woun’t have a stall, but will surely be there to shop and enjoy the great atmosphere…

OUR NEXT SALE, btw, is on HERITAGE DAY 24 Sept, at beleza… Free snacks and cocktails, and we trying to get Ron to braai (it’s Braai day after all)
say YAY!!

(some of our scarves and stuffs:)

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