all doilied out…

I spent the weekend prepping for my 1st decor job for YOU magazine on H’s couch making things from doilies… “what’s a doily?” someone asked me when I answered that ‘what you up to’ question… I also heard, “what are they used for?” and “where do you even buy them nowadays..?”

Well, doilies are those little white papers with pretty patterns you found under plates of pastries or in between the teacup and saucer when visiting your grandma… Or the crocheted masterpieces draped over chairs, tables and sugar pots in auntie Marian’s house. Yes – doilies get a facelift as we make them cool with easy ideas for your home.

Where did I find them, well I got Large round ones and Medium star shaped ones at Merrypak and small ones at Pick n Pay.
I found the material crocheted ones in my mom’s house (lol) and at some second hand shops in Cape Town.

I cant share the story, ideas and pics here yet – for that you will have to buy YOU/Huisgenoot or Drum Magazine on September 30th, but here are some pics I found inspiration in, and some shots from Herm’s couch…

Hey, look at me I do arts and craft and get paid for it. Helena = happy:)


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