playing house…

Pictures of my flat “my room now style” for my lovely friend Meg… she left us over a year ago for Knysna and I miss her every day… She has asked me repeatedly to share how my home looks now… so here we go!

Meg and I – looking nothing like we look now – in a the pic next to the YES WE CAN…

“The Office SA”

My favourite couch (got it from antiques on Kloof Street years ago thanks to my then house-mate Ciska)

My new table and bench, with my old flowers and my mom and dad’s chairs (they got it as a wedding gift YEARS ago, it just needs new cushion covers, desperately…)

Wall decorations…

The single bed / 2nd couch that has been home to MANY couch surfer bodies… also some tretchikoff postcards on wall along with random pictures in odd frames i sprayed-painted black

Inspiration in the office (working from home can be lonely and uninspiring at times so I try to keep it fun and colourful…)

Silver tray (my mom’s) that my brother put up for me, to put more random things up with magnets i plan on making myself!

Shoes, shoes and more shoes (meg, thought you would like this;) xxx


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