no name rustic furniture shop…

So today I decided to wait no more, VAMP was kind enough to offer me free delivery of my table, but it was looking like that would only happen next week, and we all know how short weeks tend to just disappear…

So my amazing little brother (who had already put up two shelves and two mirrors by the time I got home from my 9am meeting) put the roof rack (usually used to move the kayak from one river to another – he’s a river guide) on Tony (the old BMW I also had the pleasure of driving in my student days, good memories) and we headed to Woodstock.

On the way there I saw the bench I have been looking for outside a shop on the sidewalk…

This little shop, with no name noticeable anywhere, sells all sorts of rustic furniture, picture frames and pretty things. I got one bench (for financial reasons, and cause I wasn’t sure if the table + two benches + maneuver space would fit in the living room) for R300 although it was marked R350.

In the end (after a nice game of furniture tetris) we had to put the table against the wall to fit everything nicely, so for now one bench will do.

Herman says its cosy… We got to have a sit down dinner… and i’ve never been happier:)
expect LOTS of before and after pics now, feels like a new home!!
Rustic wooden furniture shop, opposite Baltic Timber, next to the church on Albert Road, Woodstock.

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