The Artist’s Way!

Years ago I found a little book as I walked passed a bookshop sale table in the Riverside Mall in Rondebosch. It was entitled “Letters to a young artist” and I bought it on the spot.

For years I would refer to this as my personal Bible, this book by Julia Cameron has been next to my bed for about 3 years and I still find inspiration in her words every time I read a ‘letter’.
Naturally I was keen to find her 1st book, since the cover of my bible told me that it was the essential companion to her best seller The Artist’s way… For years I scanned every book shop and 2nd hand table at the Milnerton Market, hoping to find a copy… Until I went to my local library on Kloof street last week, and stumbled upon it in the arts and crafts section.
A 12 week spiritual course to finding your creative self, based on the believe that we all have a creative spirit, we just need to allow the inner child to play a bit…
I am totally committed to the 12 weeks (I see a lot of renewing from the library…) and have even re-written and signed the ‘contract’…
I can already feel that her set rule (to write 3 pages “morning pages”every day as the 1st thing you do when you wake up) has had a positive influence on me this week, and later today I will oblige to the 2nd rule and take myself on a weekly Artist Date to the national gallery (an outing I have been postponing for WAY too long…)
I would recommend this to anyone looking to unleash their creativity, and it comes at the exact right time for me…
Watch this space as the next 12 weeks unfold:)
happy weekend. Smile, it’s Friday~

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