Tretchikoff inspiration…

(Who did your flowers, ag, you know, Tretchikoff…)

I have found a new favourite spot to have coffee!

Yesterday I went to the Book Lounge on the corner of Roeland and Buitenkant Street in the CBD for the first time in almost 3 years.
I remember when I still worked around the corner at the Platinum Group Studio I would always pop in for 5mins during my non existent lunch break. That was when they had just opened.
Much to my delight when we went yesterday I found that the place is doing great and the downstairs coffee shop makes a great cappuccino (at only R10 each, a deal!) and you can relax on couches, reading or chatting.
While my lovely companion sat down and read her book I browsed around and found the box of Tretchikoff postcards, and I had to get it…

(the collection box)

Have been having lots of fun putting them up all over the house, and I suspect I will be moving them around often…

(these two are my favourite ladies!)

They also offer a nice loyalty programme where you get 5% off your next purchase as well as lots of book launches and events. Well worth checking out if you love book, like me:)

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