Paella on Pasella

The entrance to Giggling Gourmet on Napier Street, De Waterkant.
Paella with Shrimp, line fish, chicken, mussels and fried Squid tentacles. As well as chorizo and olives.

The space has lots of equiptment for cooking classes, and reminded me of High School Home economics class. Fond memories.

Like I mentioned before, I helped out in the Huisgenoot / YOU magazine kitchen this week. My first little shadow mission was on Monday when I joined the Food-Editor, Carmen Niehaus, on the set for Pasella.

The story was on Food from the remaining four countries in the World Cup. We were shooting on location from Jenny Morris’ new Giggling Gourmet space in De Waterkant.
The warehouse turned cooking class venue is ideal for team buildings or just cooking lessons.
Jenny represented the Dutch with a stunning Pea and Ham soup, Carmen and I (well her on camera, me behind the scenes) prepared a Spanish Paella before I was served lunch by the legendary Jenny Morris herself.
After the lovely lunch of tossed green salad, rye bread and napoletana and spinach penne Reuben prepared some Uruguayan meatballs and after I left the went on to prepare a German desert.
Check out Pasella on Wednesday evenings on SABC 2 for all the recipes and more!

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