what did you have for lunch?

I did some shadow work in the Huisgenoot/YOU magazine kitchen this week and spent quite a bit of time looking through food magazines. Just last week when we were at Neighbourhood enjoying beers and snacks compliments of the awesome people from Grolsch (its even better when the beers are good!!!) Herman tasted peanut satay for the first time.

And then had a double chicken breast in peanut satay burger at Hudson’s Burger Joint on Saturday when it happened to be their very affordable deal of the day.
So when I saw the recipe for easy peanut satay chicken breasts i roughly noted it in my trusty moleskin, and prepared it the first chance I got to cook in the kitchen.
It’s delicious, quick and cheap. Just the way i like it.
Quick Chicken Satay:
boneless chicken breasts
chilli powder (or cayan pepper)
lemons (one per every chicken breast being prepared)
crunchy peanut butter (one tablespoon – 15ml – per every chicken breast)
sugar (0ne teaspoon per chicken breast)
Grill the chicken (dusted in a splash of lemon juice and chilli powder)
Mix the rest of the lemon juice, peanut butter, sugar and some chilli powder together.
Sautéed potatoes
I used one potato for every person I was cooking for.
Cut in small blocks and fry over relatively high heat in a butter and olive oil mix.
Serve with a simple salad of mixed leaves, roma tomatoes and some fresh feta.
yum in 20mins.

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