Saturday blew in over Devils Peak with unstoppable force. Waking up on the 16th floor of the 3rd tampon tower the wind was so hectic it scared me. But, to reassure myself i thought, it wount be that bad down in the City Bowl. It cant be – I have to go ride a single speed bike…

It was ride day for Papergirl – and I had signed up for my bike weeks before – and even though i had completely forgotten about the exhibition the night before (in the chaos of my busy day and getting stuck at beleza with the Portugal – Brazil game) I was keen to be a part of this initiative…

More info here…

And so we took on the wind, it wasn’t 5 minutes before i had to stop to take off the flexfit cap H had borrowed me – if that blew away i might just get dumped – and a few of us had to push our single speed back paddle to brake bikes up the hills of Woodstock as the wind came straight at us…

But it was great fun and seeing people’s reactions to receiving free art was stunning. From little kids to men and woman on the street corners,
I also saw my friend lees just outside the Old Biscuit Mill and could gladly hand her some free art!

Afterwards i went to the Apartment for the first time, and i must say – love what you’ve done with the place.


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