soccer, pancakes, graffiti, soccer…

Saturday we started the day off on a great note with a lovely pancake breakfast spread at the twinsies’ new spot – nice idea, everyone bring a topic and get to enjoy a crazy variety of missed pancake. Just a pity baking speed of the dedicated person behind the stove can’t always keep up with the demand for more pancakes (so we can try more combinations;). I love having these girls around the corner and we will surely do more of these activities in the near future.

After this, M, H and I took my couchsurfer friend – and flatmate for a month – on a graffiti hunt in the dodgy streets of Woodstock.

The boys knew a few great spots and we went snapping away at some of the local street art. Some nice pieces found, mostly in and around Woodstock, and when the camera batteries went low again I got into the driver’s seat and pulled the guys on their rollerblades so that they could “bomb hills”. Was good fun, apart from the fact that i almost took H out, with a car that wasn’t mine…

Here are some of my favourite pics from this outing.

On Sunday i met up with my family for Breakfast at Mugg n Bean and to watch Leon Schuster’s new flick, oh the things we will do for our Fathers;). We also had wimpy waffles – a bit of a tradition – but nothing inside shopping malls ever inspires me to take pictures, so no evidence of this event.

This is my favourite billboard in Cape Town, and it is just so much cooler now that all the SA flags are up loud and proud in town:
And i found this mAssive vu-vu-vuzela in the gardens:
Dont you just wish your kid was in the Shelly Street Nurery…? Wow this really opened my eyes to just how dodgy Woodstock can get:

And this bench, at the CANSA association in Mowbrow just caught my attention…


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