interesting individuals and fascinating things

In my new position as “Curator of interesting individuals, fascinating things and quality classics” i come across a lot of stunning people and places.

Yesterday i took my friend Deb, a web designer, to see one of my clients so she can get the feel of the client for whom we will design a new website. The client is a food writer and her brand new blog is one of my latest projects. I wanted Deb to get an idea of the hungry woman’s personal style –

so we arranged to meet for an after work coffee. Turned out to be an after work pancake and wine session, but that’s even better.

I tried to capture the collective awesomeness of the house on film, but the darkness made it hard to show the subjects off in their full glory.

What i like about the house is its unapologetic personal style. And like she said, she is lucky to have a husband who does not mind living in a pink and lime house filled with years of obsessive hoarding. I love it. The random items and collections of beautiful things (from ashtrays to snow globes, random rabbits to beautiful glasses)

everything shows her stunning taste and style. Like i said to Deb as we snooped around upstairs – this is one reason not to be scared of growing older and making house down payments – cause one day i want to have a beautiful house with a man that loves me and allows me to be random in it

After a glass of AA Badenhorst Secateurs Red with the twins at their brand-new-we-don’t-even-have-a-bottle-opener flat (which, given their cute style will soon be a lovely home as well) i went to heat n eat some delicious Meal Soup from Woolies with H as we got cosy on the couch with blankets and movies.

And when i woke up to find a massive rainbow right outside his window, framing our mountain i should have known today would be a good day.

Although it started with swollen cheeks, tooth aches and dentists (for him not me) i got some work done before i drove to biscuit mill to visit Clockwork Orange to lay the foundation to hopefully help them with some online PR and publicity.
The shop is packed with designer lamps, chairs, tables and prints. Snooping around there is a feast to the eyes and the old soul in me just wanted to decorate my house 50s style. Watch this space to find out more about all the treasures in this shop. Some of the more ‘hard to find’ items are for hiring only but lots of the furniture is for sale and would make stunning editions to any well curated home.

Go have a look at the Old Biscuit Mill, Albert Road, Woodstock.


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