in house photo shoots…

So last week (just before i got the news of my sudden retrenchment from my half day job at the digital agency i have been working at for almost two years… ya…) i bought the new camera! Probably a bad move now that i have to start counting my pennies, but i wanted it! And im the type of girl that gets what she wants… even if that means getting it for myself, which is mostly the case…

So after the bad news (and the obvious doom n gloom financial cloud over my head) we spent the most part of the weekend at home. After a quick drink and pizza a Rafiki’s Friday night we went home to play with our new toys – he with his new pimp slide touch screen phone and I with my camera… and this is how it went for most of the weekend.

We did have a nice breakfast vida (see the awesome barefootball campaign – head down to your local vida and get one!)

and a lil visit to the charming boys of Sins of Style before he had to go to meeting at the Flexfit HQ – more on this plan for world domination VERY soon – and I spent Saturday out and about in the city with the storm, just to soak up the building WC fever.
In the gardens we discovered one thing for sure: pistachio nuts are like crack for squirrels, just one taste and they go crazy man, that squirrel climbed INTO the plastic bag, UP storm’s leg and followed us for about 10mins – he LOVED those nuts…

Sunday was an indoors day, you know it is when you get BACK into your PJs after a shower! We enjoyed a nice home made breakfast and set up some more amateur photoshoots… and watched movies all day while his friends filtered in and out and I stayed put on the couch under my blankie until i got into cooking breakfast for dinner (when i want French toast, i will HAVE French toast, even if i have to make it myself;)


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