hold your breath and count to ten, start again, start again…

a while ago i had my entire purse stolen while we were casually enjoying our butter curry at the Eastern Food Bazaar in town (On Darling street, amazing eastern food at rediculous prices… go try it out, just HOLD ON to your bag…)

I cried like a baby – you can blame PMS – but i really lost a LOT of personal things for that butter chicken – my favourite things are always with me in my bag (usually a pretty cool bag from my big collection of vintage handbags…) and most importantly – or most tragicly depending on how you look at it – my lovely lil cybershot phone, more a camera than a phone.

i loved that phone, i loved that i always had a nifty 6 megapixels with me, to snap away at everything and anything… so that is why the blog has been a lil empty, a lil non-existent… i didnt have pictures to put with my posts… so i just didnt do it…

but, i recently got a new client and i am helping her set up a blog and a website for her exciting new venture (check it out at http://www.confessionsofahungrywoman.blogspot.com – nogal a mouth full;) and her enthusiasm and eagerness to blog has me excited and inspired as well, so TOMORROW i am going out to buy a new camera. and then, watch.this.space…


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