Bargain hunting!

I decided to take the Monday after my birthday weekend off – not really knowing what I would do with the free time. This morning was cold and rainy and I spent a few hours longer than usual under the covers.

And then I decided that all I wanted to do on my Monday off was to go bargain hunting.
I love scouting through thrift shops and charity stores… and had a blast picking out random things that I can be sure that no-one I know will ever have.

Keeping to the green theme of my living room I got two very dramatic vases, a lil milk cup to put flowers in, two random blue swans they have little balls inside them, and holes in their chests, but I think they are pretty, and also got a little hot plate and a pretty tea cup.\ just to be random.

Also found some really nice prints and frames, which is great because i love creating little installations with mix match frames and pictures.

And then i found The Oasis Foundation just off Landsdown Road! Their charity shop is spacious and well organised. They have lovely things from baskets to books, clothes and pictures. They also bake the most amazing, affordable freshly baked treats. I got a lovely big nutty muffin for R4 and a delicious seed loaf (that I am enjoying with a cup of tea as I type this) for only R9. They also accept all your recycling, so if you live in the Kenilworth/Claremont area – this is a real win-win situation.

I got a few novels – I’s a sucker for buying book and lately I’m in the mood for a nice story as I can feel winter creeping up on us. Maybe I will review my books in a few weeks:)

For now I just want to enjoy the cooler weather and my time off, so I am starting with The Writer’s circle… under the covers!


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