Consistantly Random…

And so the days pass and the darkness creeps in more and more every day. By 7pm last night it was pitch dark, and i can feel winter arriving in Cape Town at a steady speed. Today is grey as the clouds hang off my mountain and the mist covers our oceans.

In the last few weeks I have gone on a few interesting missions.

I am an active member of Couch Surfing ( and had an Israeli guy visit me last week. He was a performer in the Out The Box visual arts and theatre festival that was on in Cpt in March and wanted to stay on after the festival.
Chuck and I got to go to the Baxter Theatre (have not been there since we went on a school outing in 1997!) to watch their show.

The Baxter interior is typical late 70s, but i love that era!

Also recently visited my cousin Cornelia on their new farm outside Malmesbury. Cornelia has always been my hero, I thought her Decor styling job with VISI magazine was the coolest thing in the world… These days she does freelance styling and assists husband Adi with his amazing wines.
I am freelancing for them, doing some PR and marketing / copy writing, and was lucky enough to be on the farm the day their horses arrived.

Lil Samuel is already a cowboy at heart, and now he has a real horse. Exciting times!

And then it was Easter. I love April. So many holidays and long weekends. I am yet to work a full week this month!

What was rad about Easter was that i got to reunite with my best friends from high school. we were an inseparable foursome, and even though one has been in London for a year, it felt like nothing ever changed…

I also love what lali’s mom has done with their beach house. I have always admired her style and this is one of my favourite spots. There is just something about a well styled house that makes me happy…

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