love every long weekend!

I spent Sunday and Monday (gotta love public holidays) with my best mate, my brother, my Kartools.

On Sunday we made a mission to the wonderful market in Milnerton, in between the sea and the highway. I love it, i would much rather scout through other people’s junk in the hope of finding something beautiful that appeals to me, at a bargain price, than visit the malls and have something that every 2nd person i know, also has…

And then we explored the Company Gardens. We wanted to spend a chilled afternoon in the park that is usually very quite on a Sunday, but we didn’t realise they were having Heritage Day celebrations as part of the Cape Town festival there… Good fun and stunning scenery non the less…

Monday was “American Day” as we consumed burgers and fries and milkshakes and big beers at Hudson’s Burger Joint on Kloof Street (rad lil place, great burgers and cool interior and vibe!) and we hung out in De Waal Park, close to my house, where you can get lost in the laughter of kids and the playfulness of the dogs running around!


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